Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wedding Playlist

I am starting to really listen to songs that make me think of Shane, Me, and our relationship. Today I worked 9 hours, came home, cooked, cleaned, ate, cleaned again. As I was doing the dishes I heard this song by Billy Joel, who is one of my favorite musicians thanks to my parents. This song, though I don't "hide like a child" I definitely throw tantrums like a child. Which in fact, I did tonight when I noticed BOTH of my Pepsi cans missing when I got home. I never drink soda, so it was a treat I was yearning for this particular evening. So I threw the tantrum. Shane warned me last night to hide them, and I forgot. He felt really bad and volunteered to go get more. He was going to walk in the stormy, rainy, thunderous night to get me my Pepsi...again (he went last night for me but I never drank it). What a good man. I told him not to go, and I can live with my home made soda water. It's the little things.

ANYWHO...this song just made me think how complex I am, and how Shane can still love me for all the "layers to my onion". He puts up with me, cause I'm only a woman to him =)

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